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pkmcmahon's picture
My van is getting stuck in low gear. Happened in traffic today. Starting from a stop or slow moving and then gets stuck in low gear. So I stop car...
tyrellsittingholy@23's picture
I changed the gas filter 02sensor and spark plugs
86 chevy monte carlo's picture
I just put a new egr valve on my car should I use some gas treatment or injector cleaner when I put my gas in and what grade of gas I should use
rtidwell's picture
When I turn the AC on there is a drumming sound coming from under the hood. Cannot find the source of the sound. Any help would be greatly...
Eric Breaud's picture
We were driving home when check engine light came on . the car acted sluggish and lost power. we put a obd2 reader to see codes and it came back with...
aput930's picture
I have a 2004 Grand Prix. Drove it to work this morning, went out to go to lunch & it would not start. When the key is turned to ACC, the radio,...
bigwill7772's picture
I just bought an used merc blowing smoke at every light checked the plugs all were white and crusty with the electrodes burnt off changed them did a...
bigwill7772's picture
I have a 90 mercury grand marquis with a burnt overdrive belt I have been quoted $2200 CAD to have it rebuilt. Now I have experience r and r but...
DaveMichigan's picture
Vehicle: 2007 BMW 530i Question: What is the correct torque for bolts on oil pan for my mechanic? Thanks!

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