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Austin21's picture
Does anybody else have terrible AM/FM radio reception? I've been trying to figure out what to do about it, luckily I got a free 3 month Sirius trial.
Austin21's picture
We purchased a used 2011 Sorento. The back door was a little "sticky" to get open. My impatient wife eventually rips off the door handle. I've...
macmilla's picture
I own a 2001 model Honda accord. It has the following issues, it is slow to accelerate even when fully throttled, and when it should shift to gear 2...
gregory52's picture
o by the was fuel regulator.that was the frist problem.the,, second problem when I bought the truck it had a push button starter turn the key...
gregory52's picture
its worse when has no has new battery coil plugs wires cap rotor .runs great with lots of power when running any ideas
86 chevy monte carlo's picture
1994 ford f150 302 motor abs light came on after I had to slam on brakes after checking brakes everything was fine but abs light comes on I changed...
86 chevy monte carlo's picture
Sup guys I got a question on my 86 chevy Monte Carlo 305 engine is it possible the overdrive can go out but my drive gear still run fine ?
joannadamson74's picture
I have a 1988 Toyota camrey 4 door 4 cylinder,the break lights do not work,
transmissionworries's picture
I just bought a used toyota corolla 2009 with a mileage of about 112k. It was a bargain but in less than a month I've had to change the brake pads...
Anonymous's picture
Today my 78 GMC Vandura suffered a lessening of the brake pressure while I was slowing down to an intersection. The pressure seemed to just fall...

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