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Ray88's picture
My mom called about her 2000 Nissan Maxima Front w/d 6 cyl GLE.The car all of a sudden would crank but not turn over.I immediately thought f-pump.I...
Stuart Spatz's picture
where is the orifice tube located in a2002 four door ford explorer
86 chevy monte carlo's picture
How messy of a job is it to adjust the valves ...... With this being a freshly built motor 383 stroker built by blueprint engines part number...
wade103's picture
Looking for instructions on how to do so
ONEBIGGPUPP0360's picture
Hello thanks for the previous answer . We were going to install the new actuator it seems that someone has already removed the actuator . Therefore...
bobepainter's picture
I have the YW3F-18C870-AA Radio and I am looking for the color code for the wire that would turn on my amp when I turn on the radio. Any help?
Kevin R Hawkins's picture
Hello. I’ve learned so much from Big Block 409. This is such a great forum. Can’t anyone do something about all the spam that’s ruining this great...
Merc92's picture
Hello. I have a 1992 Mercury Sable wagon 3.0 V6. I am getting a no spark. The ignition coil fuse (10 amp mini) blows everytime I turn the key. Please...
Big Block 409's picture
Forum member “Drivability.” You have a problem. Forget about falling asleep in class. Forget about dying on your feet and not falling down. You’re a...
Dominique's picture
1998 Tacoma SR5, 2.4 liter, 2-wheel dr, manual. The Check Engine light comes on with the code 0401--Restricted EGR Flow. Can reset it by...

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We offer online auto repair manuals from AllData and RepairSurge. They contain all of the original manufacturer's repair and diagnostic procedures. Online manual subscriptions are updated regularly to give the car enthusiast the best available professional tools for diagnosis and repair. Click here to buy your Online Auto Repair Manual!


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