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oriel seaton's picture
I have a dodge ram 5500 truck 2009 it is showing that the exhaust filter is full. can any one give me some hints how i may clean it manually....
ONEBIGGPUPP0360's picture
Hello thanks for the previous answer . We were going to install the new actuator it seems that someone has already removed the actuator . Therefore...
Ray88's picture
My mom called about her 2000 Nissan Maxima Front w/d 6 cyl GLE.The car all of a sudden would crank but not turn over.I immediately thought f-pump.I...
tomvdh's picture
2001 Ford Taurus. Hearing a quiet rattle seems like in the front end. I had a similar problem when I had my 90 ford thunderbird, and had SOMETHING...
tomvdh's picture
hello, started noticing my truck when i start it in the morning, white smoke comes out the exhaust, like it does in cold weather. Usually goes away...
Big Block 409's picture
PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY!!! The question isn’t how much more you can take, but how much more you can give. Just when you’re ready to quit...
86 chevy monte carlo's picture
How messy of a job is it to adjust the valves ...... With this being a freshly built motor 383 stroker built by blueprint engines part number...
wade103's picture
Looking for instructions on how to do so
bobepainter's picture
I have the YW3F-18C870-AA Radio and I am looking for the color code for the wire that would turn on my amp when I turn on the radio. Any help?
Kevin R Hawkins's picture
Hello. I’ve learned so much from Big Block 409. This is such a great forum. Can’t anyone do something about all the spam that’s ruining this great...

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