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Ok so I have a 1996 Mitsubishi mirage s coupe manual transmission that sat for a year it wont start when its cold out when its warm i have to tap the...
macmilla's picture
I own a 2001 model Honda accord. It has the following issues, it is slow to accelerate even when fully throttled, and when it should shift to gear 2...
palitha's picture
Could you help me to find out the circuit of NISSAN E15 engine carburetor control unit
Chialiva's picture
driver side front need to replace cv axle and spindel hub bearing assemble have new parts any trick or things I should know never did before
Big Block 409's picture
Guess who children? Any takers? What year? I’m fourth from the left front...
pamelapk's picture
Within 45 minutes of just sitting not running it is totally dead. Won't take a jump. Does nothing. No lights, nothing. A while back had a problem...
bableman42's picture
I have a 2008 Mercury Sable and wish to drain and refill the automatic transmission with fresh fluid . Looking under the car I see two plugs in the...
pnut's picture
Where would i find a frame cap for a 1998 ford ranger
txz98's picture
I have a 2007 Town Car. For several times, water sits in the floor front of the right back seat after raining. At the first time, I thought my...

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