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mma's picture
1994 Ford Tempo, 2.3 gl, Calif SEFI, Engine starts fine, won't run. Tranny fluid ok as far as looks and smell...but have noticed the level does not...
HMChief's picture
I have a 2006 Trailblazer EXT, 6cyl. Couple of weeks ago, it started knocking on start up from the rear of the vehicle. It stops after a bit when the...
groovimus's picture
Digital speedometer is stuck at 0. I assume the speed signal not getting to the ECM because shifting is not occurring at road speed that it was....
HMChief's picture
I have a 90 Chevy CK 1500 with 350 TBI. It ran with no problems yesterday. Today I got in it and started down the road. The engine started sputtering...
barnies1's picture
it was the upper intake manifold it leaked vacume when the engine was cold. sprayed carb cleaner in the area eng almost stalled. couldn't pinpoint...
beebee627's picture
I have a 2002 dodge stratus. I have seen a trans. fluid leak on the ground. last winter I noticed the leak also. In the summer the leak stopped all...
Davidallan13's picture
Hey 10w40-ers. Looks like the negative battery cable to my side post battery has become erroded and in need of repair. Is this a standard 4 gauge...
pamelapk's picture
The air conditioner previously was wired in straight to the battery but I took all that altered wiring off. The ac is plugged in so what else would...
barnies1's picture
2005 3.8 had injectors cleaned repl MAF sensor ran great 2 dayes got the code again. injectors cleaned by GM shop. checked for vacume leak none found...
gmcrocks's picture
keep getting this code erase it after wont come on for quite awhile then comes back on notice what seems to be a rough idle at times or eng rpm go up...

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