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2003 Suz xl-7 4wd 2.7l engine Has been smoking and burning oil for a while but not losing coolant. Today it got hot, started cutting out and running...
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Here I am again. Approx. 2 months ago my 2002 stratus over heated. I replaced the thermostat.Car no longer over heated, but was running a little...
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what's the location of the auxiliary fans relay switch on 1992 mercedes-benz sel500.
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i have a mercedes benz 500 sel and im having problems with the lock on the drivers side door. im not able to lock it from the outside but only on the...
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can anybody tell me what the torque specs are for a 01 Nissan Altima 2.4 conn rod and main bearing caps would be any help appreciated..
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2002 Durango with 5.9L, 94,000 miles. Replaced LDP with known good one, replace all vacuum hoses, used hose clamps to secure all vacuum lines at the...
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When I shift my car into reverse it doesn't lock in on the column. I have to go forward a little bit on the shifting column and then back into...
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I have hooked up a sub in my trunk. My radio does not have an amp turn on connection so I used a HI-LOW LINE OUT CONVERTER SPEAKER TO RCA ADJUSTABLE...
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Ok boys and girls. Lock and load and get on the bus. Time to separate the “Boys from Men”. Time to separate the “Girls from the Women”. These...
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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FOLKS. Again not about the barbeques and pushing beer and food into your fat faces. Shot off your fireworks with pride. Kiss the...

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