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one of our rear vent windows wont close once opened but other side does open and close how can I fix other then buying a new motor and relacing
garb's picture
How do I remove the driver side door panel on a 98 Aurora?
oriel seaton's picture
I am working on a 2014 MAN truck which is showing service schedule message. After a service oil change the message is still on. Has anyone delt with...
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My 04 Buick Century makes a squealing noise in reverse only. It runs and shifts great going forward with no hint of trouble. Fluid looks clean. It is...
Gordo2's picture
Rebuilt carter 1-v carb. Followed instructions to a "t". Float level checked # of times. Truck runs great at idle and up to 55 mph when it bogs down...
oriel seaton's picture
MAN 2014 Can anyone tell me how to clear a service schedule message after truck has been service. Thanks Oriel.
Anonymous's picture
Today my 78 GMC Vandura suffered a lessening of the brake pressure while I was slowing down to an intersection. The pressure seemed to just fall...
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I am checking an fire truck engine. IT has in a DETROIT DIESEL Series40 engine. It is throwing a lot of black smoke, missing and has no power. You...
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I am working on a dodge ram 3500 boom bucket truck. the boom is an ALTEC make. Problem i have is the upper boom cylinder is falling gradually. Can...

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We offer online auto repair manuals from AllData and RepairSurge. They contain all of the original manufacturer's repair and diagnostic procedures. Online manual subscriptions are updated regularly to give the car enthusiast the best available professional tools for diagnosis and repair. Click here to buy your Online Auto Repair Manual!


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