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Power Steering Box (typical)
There are many times where removal of the power steering pump’s pulley is needed. Some p/s pump replacement kits, for example, do not include a replac...
Auto Trans cutaway photo
Transmission hesitation, or at least what sounds like automatic transmission hesitation, is a relatively common issue with older vehicles. As vehicles...
Persistent battery drains are a serious annoyance for car owners, but are particularly difficult (and tedious) for a mechanic to locate and repair. Qu...
Gas tank
Some vehicles, especially as they get older, will register a full tank of fuel and then either “stick” there and show no consumption over time or will...
Mechanic (stock clipart)
There are a lot of things you’ll need to do to repair a vehicle. One of those will be pulling OBD II codes from the computer as part of the diagnosis...
Engine cooling fan
When you receive an error code on your car reading a P0115, your first reaction is likely to quickly replace that coolant sensor. That may fix the pro...
Starter motor
Recently in our forums, user maryjean posted an issue regarding her vehicle's starting system. Most starting issues are caused by a defect in the star...
Any vehicle equipped with them and lasting beyond its expected factory lifespan will require strut replacement. This is most modern vehicles today, es...
Ignition coils
On most vehicles with a fuel injected engine that is showing symptoms of erratic idle, a reset of the air idler control (AIC) can remedy the situation...
Power window system (stock)
The power windows in today’s cars are generally reliability, but something will go wrong once in a while. There are several things that can cause a po...