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Bushings On Electric Motors?

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Most vehicles have electric motors on them. Some propel the car itself, others act as power generators, actuators, and so forth. Many modern vehicles utilize electric motors to raise and lower windows, raise and lower the cargo hatch, to move seating, and for other convenience tasks. Some vehicles, of course, use electric motors to supplement the engine’s power output (hybrid cars) or as the primary means of moving the vehicle (electric cars). Most electric motors do not have internal bushings as required operational parts. Bushings are used to stabilize the rotor (output) shaft, the motor itself, and connected parts. Usually these bushings will be used to reduce noise and vibration.

Electric motors are extremely simple machines which utilize only three parts to convert electricity into physical movement. An electric motor consists of two magnets and a stator. When electrical power is applied to the magnets, the stator spins as the magnets work against one another in attraction and repulsion to cause the stator’s spin. That spinning stator has a shaft that can be connected to other items on a vehicle, such as a window transmission to move the glass up or down or the car’s axle to make the tires spin.

Bushings are often found between the motor housing and the shaft protruding from it as a way to absorb vibration and as a means of keeping debris from entering the motor housing. These bushings are usually rubber or sealed bearings.

Bushings are also often used as mounting bushings on an electric motor, no matter its intended use, as a way of absorbing the vibration of the motor itself or the components it’s mounted to. This, in turn, reduces noise and vibration in the vehicle, improving comfort.

Most electric motor bushings will be replaceable, as would any other bushing. Most commonly-used electric motors will have common aftermarket bushings available as replacement options. Most auto parts stores and online outlets will offer a variety of bushings for varied needs.