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High Performance Spark Plugs

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Not long ago, spending a lot of money and putting high performance spark plugs into a car like a Toyota Corolla was considered a laughable waste of money. Some engines and performance vehicles would get better mileage and more power if high performance plugs were used, but most vehicles saw little or no real difference.


Today, that's no longer the case. Many factory engines, even in small cars, require performance plugs now. If the engine is tuned to the type of plug, then it will perform at its peak when that plug is being used.

Ignition systems in particular are becoming very specific, computerized, exacting things and plugs are a very integral part of those ignition systems. Most often, if your car manufacturer recommends a specific high performance spark plug type or specification, then that is what you should be using. Some fine-tuned engines may actually have problems if the correct plugs are not used.

In all cases, the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) suggested plugs are what you should be using unless you are a performance mechanic tuning an engine for higher performance.

Performance Plugs for Performance Applications

Many racing teams use specific spark plugs for their engines to get the best performance. They will tune the engine to work with a specific plug and timing for maximum output (torque).

Both amateur and professional racers do this. Some high-end vehicles come out of the factory with these configurations as well.

Cost of Performance Plugs

High performance spark plugs can cost $8 or more each, compared to $2 or so for standard plugs. Racing plugs can run as high as $100 or more each.

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