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Split Beam Torque Wrench

Split Beam vs Micrometer torque wrenches

Split beam torque wrenches are a popular micro-meter style clock wrench that are used in professional and hard-use (abusive) environments. In jobs requiring almost continual use of the wrench, such as in automotive manufacture or automotive engine shops, these wrenches are often the wrench of choice for mechanics.

The split-beam design has few components and every critical part is welded together - so there aren't exposed or moving mechanics to ruin. In addition, the wrenches require little adjustment to zero in and torque settings can be adjusted using only fingertip force as no load is required to reset the mechanism in a split-beam.

Split beam torque wrench options are available in most standard drive sizes (3/8", 1/2", 3/4", etc.) with ranges up to 600lb-ft (80kg).

Most split-beam wrenches are accurate to within 4% - suitable for most common applications.

The split-beam gets its name due to its design. Unlike a micrometer torque wrench, a split beam has no spring but instead uses the tension of the internal beam itself as a measurement of the torque being applied. This is accurate for the uses it's designed for.

Of all the torque wrench types, the split-beam is the best value for the dollar for any mechanic - especially the home DIY person. They offer easy use, good calibration, and simplicity without need of taking any precautions with the tool.

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