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Ignition coils
On most vehicles with a fuel injected engine that is showing symptoms of erratic idle, a reset of the air idler control (AIC) can remedy the situation...
Power window system (stock)
The power windows in today’s cars are generally reliability, but something will go wrong once in a while. There are several things that can cause a po...
Bad Body Mount Bushing
When body mount bushings begin to wear and break, the signs are obvious. The ride will be rougher, there may be grinding or squeaking noises from meta...
Fuel Filter Installed - typical fuel injected vehicle
When there are fuel delivery issues in a vehicle, or when these issues are potentially the cause of a problem such as hesitation or misfire, then test...
Turn signal circuit
Nothing is more frustrating than a random electrical problem that is keeping you from enjoying a drive. Especially with an older vehicle you're keepin...
Radiator hose
Coolant leaks can be obvious or they can be a headache to locate. When coolant is leaking from the radiator or a split hose, it's likely easy to note...
One area that many do-it-yourself mechanics are often weak in is with electrical issues. A basic understanding of electricity and electrical systems,...
Mechanic Under Car
Older vehicles from the mid-1980s through the 1990s were often fitted with manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors, a precursor to mass air flow (MAF...
For most automotive do-it-yourselfers, there are three things on their vehicle that they find daunting to deal with: transmissions, electrical, and ai...
The most basic of air conditioning system tests is the AC performance test. This is fairly easy to do and anyone can conduct this test, with or withou...