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Mechanic Under Car
We've all heard the stories about the person who took their car in for a tire rotation or some other free (or nearly free) service and ended up paying...
Runs Good
Once the diagnosis has been done and you know what the problem is (hopefully it's just one problem), you can begin getting the parts you need to fix t...
Trailer Light Diagram
Although this isn't necessarily related to diagnostics or repair, it's something that can lead to a need for diagnostics or repair if done incorrectly...
Master Cylinder
After doing a brake job that involved draining the entire braking system of fluid in order to replace parts like master cylinders or brake lines, many...
Dirty hand w wrench
Diesel engines are very robust. Quite often, they can literally pull all of the engine oil out of the system and burn through it with their regular fu...
Blower motor
A few days ago, we talked about diagnostics to find what might be wrong with a blower that isn't sending hot or cold air through the cabin. We discuss...
ABS light
The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an electronic control system that compresses the brakes in rapid sequence to prevent the wheels from locking up...
Engine cleaning
Cleaning your car's engine is not as easy as just hosing it off. First, hitting a hot engine with cold water could create some problems as the metals...
Auto detail
Some older cars and a lot of newer, lower cost cars have noise problems. Both types of vehicles have problems for the same basic reasons and it can re...
Blower motor
About a year ago, we did a feature on heater core issues, when your blower fan is working fine, but you're not getting hot air. In that article, which...