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Auto detail
Some older cars and a lot of newer, lower cost cars have noise problems. Both types of vehicles have problems for the same basic reasons and it can re...
Blower motor
About a year ago, we did a feature on heater core issues, when your blower fan is working fine, but you're not getting hot air. In that article, which...
Mechanic Under Car
When you go from casual automotive DIY like filling the tires or learning to check the oil and maybe add a little here and there to keep it topped off...
Bubbling window tint
Adding aftermarket gear or gadgets is something most vehicle owners do at one time or another. Some will have a shop install it, some will install it...
Car Battery (generic)
Finding a parasitic draw in your car is fairly easy, but it's a tedious process that can take a lot of time. If you have a dead battery, be sure to fi...
For most motorists, a tire blowout is one of their worst fears. Nothing is as frightening as having a tire, especially a steer tire, blow and suddenly...
Torque With Wrench
One of the more common issues a DIY mechanic or first-time tire change motorist has is tightening the lug nuts. Too much force can damage the lug or t...
Buried in snow
If you live where winters are harsh (or have the potential to be), then you likely already know that having a few extras in the vehicle, "just in case...
Iced in car 1930s
In many parts of the country, ice storms are a seasonal likelihood. Walking out to find a car covered in ice is frustrating. Here are a few things to...
2014 Chrysler 300C in the snow
The mythology around automobiles is pervasive and sometimes fun. When it comes to automotive maintenance, though, those myths can be serious business...