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CV Axle
On a front-wheel or all-wheel drive car, the CV axle may require replacement if the CV joint(s) have gone bad. You may also need to pull it if the car...
Your car's brakes are its primary safety component, so if anything is even remotely wrong, you'll want to fix it immediately. The trouble is, sometime...
Idler Arm
The Idler Arms and Pitman Arms in your steering system connect the center link to the steering box and hub assemblies. Idler and Pitman Arms are two p...
Winter - That Moment
Whether you live in Alaska or Florida, you should know the basics for driving in bad weather, especially snow and ice. As we seem to see every year, s...
Four-stroke process
Many who are new to automotive repair become confused when their question involves basic engine operation. Quite often, this is due to a lack of under...
Fuel level sending unit schematic
Sometimes, things on our car break and we just don't have the time or money to fix them right away. If they're non-critical items that can be put off,...
The most common "tire fix in a can" product is Fix-a-Flat. Mechanics often have a love-hate relationship with this stuff. Anecdotal reports about how...
So there you are, stuck in a parking lot with a car that does little or nothing when you turn the key. Assuming you've gone through the checklist of t...
Radiator hose
It's not uncommon to see questions from people asking about hose replacements, usually for a leaking or questionable hose on the radiator or water pum...
Trailer Light Diagram
Setting up trailer lights and the connector plug needed to attach your vehicle's lighting system to the trailer is often frustrating. For such a simpl...