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Radiator hose
It's not uncommon to see questions from people asking about hose replacements, usually for a leaking or questionable hose on the radiator or water pum...
Trailer Light Diagram
Setting up trailer lights and the connector plug needed to attach your vehicle's lighting system to the trailer is often frustrating. For such a simpl...
EVAP system diagram
The charcoal canister on your evaporation system is one of the oldest smog control technologies still in use on vehicles today. When gasoline became t...
Ford touchpad
Chances are, if you own a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle with a keyless entry system that uses a touch pad on the doors, you've experienced issues....
Jack Stands
One of the most basic of automotive maintenance skills is to know how to safely raise a car up so you can work under it or remove tires and wheels to...
Mechanic (stock clipart)
Just as you strive to properly maintain your car, you should also strive to properly keep safety maintenance a priority in your shop or garage. If you...
EGR valve
We have talked about the P0401 trouble code before. Sometimes, this EGR code isn't actually about the EGR. Most of the time, though, it probably is re...
Oil change
For most do-it-yourself mechanics, the entry-level task that cuts the teeth on DIY maintenance is the oil change. For most drivers, an oil change come...
Serpentine Belt Configuration
One of the more common do-it-yourself maintenance items a home mechanic will undertake is replacing the accessory belt (aka "serpentine belt") on a ve...
Heater Core (manual drawing)
Winter is nearly upon us and before you know it, you'll be regularly using the heater in your car again. Before the cold sets in, though, it's a good...