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Winter - That Moment
The rear defroster on your car works on a simple principle. When you send electricity through a circuit that has some resistance, that resistance crea...
Ignition coils
If you are having engine start problems and have determined that the issue is that there is no spark (or would like to test that), then the ignition c...
Cigarette lighter (in car)
One of the more annoying things that can happen when you're in your car is to have the accessory plug(s) stop working. Those 12-volt plugs, often refe...
The forums here at 10w40 are often populated with interesting questions related to specific makes and models of car. Sometimes, these are more generic...
EGR valve
In our forums recently, a user posted a question about a 1996 Honda Accord 2.2 (read the thread here). He'd replaced the EGR (exhaust gas recirculatio...
LeSabre firing order
We all have to do it eventually and changing out the plugs and wires on a car is a simple, easy do-it-yourself maintenance project that most have done...
Spark Plug layout
When the thoroughly non-informative check engine light comes on, it can either be a cause for panic or just another annoyance on the dash board. Depen...
Mechanic Under Car
Experienced home mechanics will be aware of most of the things on this list. New car buyers or those who want to educate a teenager who's about to bec...
Fuel Filter Installed - typical fuel injected vehicle
The fuel filter is very likely in the top three most ignored items on a car when maintenance time comes around. Quite often, the maintenance interval...
Transmission Fluid Flush
One subject that's often debated among mechanics is whether or not transmission flush products are worth using or just a scam. The reasons for a mecha...