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Mechanic (stock clipart)
The question above is what separates professional mechanics from the do-it-yourself driveway mechanic. This is not to denigrate either, but it's to po...
Dashboard error lights
It's like a mantra in our forum: pull the engine codes, get the error codes, find out the PCM codes, what codes are showing.. It's nearly always the f...
Camshaft replacement kit, VW
There is a lot of mystery and more than a little debate over intake and exhaust valve adjustments. Most home mechanics and Average Joe mechanics are l...
Car Battery (generic)
In our forums this week, user Garb has a 1999 Ram 1500 van that wakes up every morning with a dead battery. When he unplugged the battery (removed the...
Tire Wear and Alignment
In our forums, DesertAl recently asked about steering binding on a 2002 Subaru Forester (read it here) when the vehicle is warm after driving. The pro...
Exhaust smoke
Very often, misfires and backfires are related or are symptoms of the same or similar problems. Let's look at what a misfire is, what a backfire is, a...
cylinder head
The cylinder heads are the top-most portion of the engine. They sit atop the combustion chambers, creating their "caps" (top) on the engine block. On...
Cylinder Head Bolt Pattern
When a car overheats, it's very possible that the cylinder heads could become deformed. Commonly called "warping" or "warped heads," this change in th...
Power steering diagram
Modern power steering is a boon to the average driver, who often thinks nothing of this bit of technology under the car's hood. Today, there are two b...
Fuel Injectors
Forums being what they are, we often hear about this or that magic solution for cleaning fuel injectors easily, safely, thoroughly, and cheaply. As wi...