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For most automotive do-it-yourselfers, there are three things on their vehicle that they find daunting to deal with: transmissions, electrical, and ai...
The most basic of air conditioning system tests is the AC performance test. This is fairly easy to do and anyone can conduct this test, with or withou...
Auto AC system
Once you understand the basics of AC system operation, you can begin diagnosing issues with it. First, make sure there is a problem beyond just high h...
Compression test gauge
Sometimes, things go wrong on your car's air conditioning system. The AC system is simple in its operation, but can have some complex repair issues du...
Exhaust smoke
Most people are aware that octane ratings affect an engine's performance in both power output and fuel economy, but how this works and whether it's re...
cylinder head
One of the more useful diagnostic tests you can perform to narrow down an issue in an engine is with a power balance test. This test checks each cylin...
Fuel Injectors
In the first part of this series on idle issues, we focused on air intake. The other half of the fuel:air equation is the fuel. We started with air be...
EGR valve
In this final segment of this series, we'll look at the PCV and EGR systems and how they can negatively affect your idle. In our first part, we looked...
AFR sensor
One of the more common error codes (OBD II codes) to set off the repair/engine light on a Toyota vehicle is P1135. User matvey in our forums had this...
Vacuum gauge
Most idle problems, such as rough idle, the engine cutting out at idle, or idling too fast, are problems with the fuel:air mixture. Finding the proble...