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Dirty hand w wrench
One of the most basic and useful diagnostic tools in a good mechanic's arsenal is power balance testing. A PBT can find several potential problems, bu...
Spark plug
A simple test that should be in every mechanic's arsenal is a voltage leak test. A VLT can find many issues that are otherwise difficult to diagnose a...
Intake Manifold breakdown
When a car's fuel economy begins to suffer, many DIY mechanics will jump into diagnostics with assumptions that serious problems may be at fault. Sens...
Ignition Cylinder diagram
If you replace the power control module (PCM, computer) or pull/replace fuses in the PCM in a General Motors vehicle, the vehicle theft deterrent (VTD...
camshaft synchronizer
The camshaft synchronizer is a relatively small part that is very important to the engine. It's responsible for setting the timing for the spark plugs...
Jag x-type engine
We started this series talking about engine hesitation to describe what it is and what the most likely causes for it would be. Now that we know the mo...
Transmission Fluid Flush
Sometimes, engine hesitation isn't the engine at all. It can instead be the transmission. As we learned in an earlier article, engine hesitation is a...
Engine hesitation is a stumble, misfire, or loss of power when the throttle is pressed. In most cases, engine hesitation is an indication of the air a...
A parasitic draw is when electricity is drawn from the battery even after the vehicle is shut down and all circuits should be shut off. You can think...
Torque Converter
Automatic transmissions are complex, wonderful things. They are usually a mystery to most do-it-yourself mechanics. It’s very likely that if you’re wo...