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Although most automotive engines no longer use a carburetor, having moved to fuel injection, they are still common on older vehicles, smaller engines...
Carberator Adjustment
Whether it's on a small two-stroke or a big block engine, adjusting carburetor settings is a common maintenance requirement when doing a tune up or ch...
GM Hydramatic (2008)
The Hydramatic (also Hydra-Matic) transmission was introduced by General Motors in the 1940 model year as an alternative to the automatic synchromesh-...
Shocks Edelbrock
Shock absorbers (and spindles) are one of those things on a car that people rarely think about and which always seem to take the blame when something...
Shock replacement
On every vehicle, eventually, the shock absorbers will need to be replaced. On some, of course, there are struts rather than shocks, but on many (esp...
Serpentine Belt
When a squealing or similar noise is heard from the engine compartment, it's nearly always blamed on the serpentine belt. Often, this is the case, bu...
Changing the serpentine belt on your vehicle is not as difficult as it may seem. On most vehicles, getting to, removing, and replacing the serpentine...
Progressive Suspension Shocks
Progressive Suspension is a brand name for one of the premium factory made shock absorber series on the market. Used mainly on motorcycles and all-te...
Serpentine belt tensioners
From our article on serpentine belts: The serpentine belt runs across the front of most engines, providing power from the crankshaft to each of the e...
Timing belt vs chain
Most combustion engines, be they gasoline or diesel, use a timing belt or chain. This wraps around the front of the engine and "times" the turn of th...