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Serpentine Belt (GM 8cyl)
The serpentine belt runs across the front of most engines, providing power from the crankshaft to each of the engine's accessories (alternator, power...
Leaf Spring
The leaf spring suspension of a vehicle is the component that keeps the vehicle stiffly suspended off the ground, allowing it to absorb shock and carr...
Body Repair Estimates
Auto body repair estimates are not as complex as many people might assume. Sure, it's easy to find yourself in a tough situation because of insurance...
Generic Shock Absorber
Even the most inexperienced of mechanics can likely change the shock absorbers on most passenger vehicles. Shocks are usually located in relatively a...
Strut vs Shock
Although the term "shock" and "strut" are often interchanged amongst amateurs, parts and service professionals know that there is a lot of difference...
Strut vs Shock
Every vehicle, eventually, will need new shock absorbers. If you pay attention to the warning signs, you can plan ahead and schedule replacements rat...
Coil Springs for Cars
Most people believe that their car's primary suspension is the shock absorber. In reality, the job goes to springs. Some vehicles use leaf springs,...
Auto Trans cutaway photo
Automatic transmissions are great.. until something goes wrong, that is. They are the most complex mechanical item on a vehicle and the costs associa...
You don't have to be an auto body specialist to know how to fix dings and dents in your car. Most small damage can be easily repaired with simple too...
Touch Up Paint application
Touching up the paint on your car, whether it's to fix a few rock chips or to repair a scratch, is not always as easy as just dabbing on some paint an...