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Auto Trans cutaway photo
The automatic transmission is one of the most complex things in today's cars. It combines several technologies into one purpose, pulling together mec...
Transmission Fluid Flush
Ask any mechanic whether an automatic transmission fluid flush and replacement is necessary and you'll get two definitive answers: a qualified "yes" o...
Check Transmission Fluid Often
Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions have a lubricating fluid in the transmission that is called, appropriately, transmission fluid. Anyone...
Torque animation
Most mechanics are familiar with the idea of "torque" but outside of setting a wrench or tool to a torque specification or as an arbitrary drive train...
GM 4L60-E transmission
Most common problems with the General Motors 4L60e transmission are diagnosed through the power control module (PCM) and its diagnostics readout. The...
Car Window AC Unit
We've all seen the photos floating around the Internet of the cars with the home window air conditioners sticking out their windows and the massive am...
Pneumatic Torque Wrench
Most people are familiar with pneumatic impact or break wrenches (often mis-called "torque wrenches"), used in nearly every auto shop and by many home...
GM 4L60-E transmission
The 4L60-series of transmissions (usually called the 4L60-E) are a group of automatic transmissions designed for specific General Motors vehicles. Th...
Wheel Bearing
Although we've talked about Axle Nut Torque Specs, which apply to wheel bearings of course, we haven't talked specifically about bearings themselves....
Preset Torque Wrench handles
Although very uncommon in the maintenance shop or home mechanic's toolbox, preset torque wrenches are very common in the automotive parts and assembly...