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Metric Bolts With Head Markings
Like bolts from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), metric bolts have specific torque values according to the grade of metal (measured by the a...
Torque Wrench Gauge
Setting and using your torque wrench will depend on what type of wrench you have. There are four basic torque wrench types when it comes to adjustabl...
Timing belt diagram
Paying a mechanic to replace the timing belt on your vehicle, which is a necessary maintenance need, can be expensive: $500 to $1,500 depending on the...
Hub Nut Torque
There are six types of bearing configurations on light and medium-duty vehicles. The configuration will determine the actual axle nut torque specs to...
Grade 8 bolt drawing
Most professional mechanics are aware of bolt grades, but many amateurs are not. When you replace the bolts on your vehicle, some are different than...
Mopar Plug Wires
Ever wonder why spark plug wires are so thick? If you cut open a spark plug wire from a car, you'll see several layers and just a thin little wire str...
AC panel
The air conditioning compressor is the heart of the entire air conditioning system. Most air conditioners (AC) work the same basic way, whether they...
Open-end torque wrench
Although not common, there are torque wrenches which are open end - meaning they are like a regular hand wrench with an open end to fit around a bolt...
Spark plug tools
One of the easiest home DIY projects in most vehicles is to change out the spark plugs. Plugs provide the spark that ignites the fuel in gasoline, nat...
Engine Torque Output
The torque specifications for an engine are a measurement of its output power at peak rotations per minute (RPM). The engine's peak RPM will depend o...