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Split Beam vs Micrometer torque wrenches
Split beam torque wrenches are a popular micro-meter style clock wrench that are used in professional and hard-use (abusive) environments. In jobs re...
Auto AC system
The air conditioning system on your car is one of those things that never goes out of commission at a convenient time. It's always in the middle of th...
VW Diesel engine
In many ways, the combustion engine using diesel and those using gasoline are the same. They have the same general layout in design and operation, but...
Typical automotive AC system
If you're familiar with how the refrigerator in your kitchen or the air conditioner in your home works, you will quickly realize that the A/C on an au...
Titan Click Wrench
For many vehicle maintenance and repair applications, a torque wrench is a must. Having the right tool for the job means getting the job done right....
Intake Manifold breakdown
On modern engines, the fuel injection ports are often covered by the air intake manifold, all of which sits on top of the camshafts and cylinder heads...
Torque With Wrench
During automotive repair and replacement work, fasteners such as nuts and bolts are often replaced in the process. It's important to not only use the...
In auto repair and replacement, fasteners are often replaced as well as the parts they connect. For this reason, it's important to use both the corre...
Used Beaters
Related articles Buying a used car from a dealer Buying a used car from a private party Buying a used car online Buying a used car out of state Chec...
Sparking plug
Spark plugs are simple, yet essential parts of your car engine's operation. They literally deliver spark to the ignition chamber to ignite the fuel. T...