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Used Beaters
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Sparking plug
Spark plugs are simple, yet essential parts of your car engine's operation. They literally deliver spark to the ignition chamber to ignite the fuel. T...
Typical timing setup on in-line engine
Every so often, the timing belt on a car's internal combustion engine should be checked and eventually replaced. The exact timing belt replacement in...
Cylinder Head Bolt Pattern
Removal and replacement of the cylinder heads and gaskets on a vehicle is one of the most comprehensive tear downs a mechanic can do outside of a rebu...
Snapon Torque Tools
Many items in automotive maintenance require specific torque values when tightening bolts or screws. Vehicle manufacturer
Spark plug
A regular routine of maintenance for gasoline engines is spark plug replacement. Normally, this is part of the regular "tune up" process which replace...
Wheel torque specs
One of the hallmarks of a good tire and wheel shop is that they'll use a torque wrench to install those wheels to specification. Most vehicle manufac...
Bicycle spoke torque wrench set
Bicycle and motorcycle repair experts and those who work with very old automotive will know what a spoke torque wrench is. These specialty tools allo...
Motor bushings
Every car has bushings, usually made of rubber or of material that contains rubber. They are used to cushion areas where the body connects to the fra...
Metric bolts have their own standards and while similar to like-sized bolts in SAE (U.S.) patterns, their grading and torque specifications are differ...