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Electric Torque Wrench (Wikimedia)
An electric torque wrench operates in a way similar to other torque wrenches in that it is a planetary gearbox of torque multipliers that raise the po...
cylinder head
Other than an overhaul, the most comprehensive disassembly job that can be done to a vehicle is removal of the cylinder heads. This requires an almo...
Bolt Head Markings
When doing automotive repairs or replacements, many mechanics will notice that some bolts look different than others. Although the protective coating...
Mechanic Under Car
For many car owners, the maintenance interval that happens around 50,000 miles is a big one and can be very costly. There is a reason for this and mo...
Routine Maintenance
In order for your car to keep running, it needs routine maintenance. This is true of everything in life, of course, from marriages to vehicles. To k...
Pneumatic Torque Wrench
Pneumatic torque wrenches are air-driven tools that are made specifically to put high torque onto a nut or bolt to break it free (unscrew it) or tight...
Timing Belt
Timing belts are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle's overall maintenance regimen. The timing belt transfers energy from the central camsh...
Spark Plug layout
There are three things that make up a spark plug and its performance: the electrode gap, the materials used, and the heat insulation's efficiency. To...
Cylinder Head Bolt Pattern
Likely the most important installation concern when replacing cylinder heads, due to a gasket change or warping, is proper torque in the proper sequen...
Torque Wrench Gauge
The term "torque tools" can refer to two types of toolsets: torque wrenches or air- or electrically-driven automatic wrenches. Among mechanics, torqu...