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Bad Body Mount Bushing
There are two reasons to replace the body mount bushings on a vehicle. The first is because the old ones have worn out with age - a common occurrence...
Catalytic Converter breakaway
Catalytic converters are a sort of devil's bargain for many car owners. They do a lot to clean the emissions of the vehicle when it's operating, but...
Motor bushings
An electric motor does not have bushings inside it as required operational parts. Some motors will have bushings that connect them to other parts on...
Typical AC Layout
Two things commonly lead to air conditioning (A/C) problems in a vehicle: leaking refrigerant and a bad AC pump. In many states, the way you handle a...
Camshaft replacement kit, VW
In most of today's vehicles, the engine has one or two camshafts, depending on its design. In either case, the camshaft is one of the most integral p...
Control arm bushing
Car Bushings - What Are They and What Do They Do? Bushings are one of those things that most people don't really think about until they find out they...
Disc brake repair
Disc Brake Repair DIY Information For the home mechanic, the warning signs are always clear: the car pulls to one side while braking, the pedal is bec...
Window Tint Percentages
In the window tinting industry and the laws that surround it, window tint on a vehicle is usually measured by a percentage number. Most often, this i...
Engine Starter and Solenoid
Starter and Alternator Repair Tips Key components of the electrical system in any vehicle are the starter and the alternator. The starter is a motor...
Window Tint Test
Window Tint Laws and Enforcement Many states and even counties have laws that limit the amount of window tinting allowed on a vehicle. Some limit onl...