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Fuel Filter Installed - typical fuel injected vehicle
Fuel filter replacement is a part of routine maintenance. Whether your vehicle runs on gasoline or diesel, it is an occasional requirement. The frequ...
Overhead cam
The camshaft, one of the most important mechanical components of an engine. It consists of a thick steel rod onto which cams (egg-shaped bumps) are...
Outer CV Boot on 4WD
All front wheel and four wheel drive vehicles will have a constant velocity boot (CV boot). In fact, they'll have four, two on each front axle for FW...
Auto detail
Detailing and Repairing Auto Interior and Upholstery As our vehicles age and are used, their interiors are often the first place to really show wear....
Tire Wear and Alignment
The Basics of Car Wheel Alignment Proper wheel alignment is an important part of the maintenance of your car. As a rule of thumb, alignment should be...
Catalytic converter
When the vehicle starts to get hesitant and (often) the engine light comes on, there is a good chance you have a plugged up catalytic converter. A me...
Poly leaf spring bushings
On an older car, the leaf springs often make squeaking sounds as the rubber bushings fail and allow the metal spring to contact the bolt that holds th...
Bubbling window tint
The window film used to tint the windows on automobiles will deteriorate with time. The dying film used to create the darker color will begin to turn...
Cost of Replacing the Alternator Because this is the easier of the two, we'll go into it first. The cost of a new alternator varies by vehicle make....
Typical engine air filter - wikimedia
Every car has at least one air filter - some have two or more. These filters need regular cleaning or replacement, depending on the filter type. Thi...