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Infrared Thermometer
Most professional mechanics, but only a few driveway mechanics are aware of the use of an infrared thermometer to speed up the diagnostic process on e...
Brake disc - rotor
Your brakes are the most important safety item on your car and when they start making noise or acting funny, you are right to feel worried. We've talk...
Your brakes are the number one piece of safety equipment on your car. Nothing is more important to your ability to safely drive down the road than are...
Engine cooling fan
Once again, as the hot weather comes, so do "summertime problems" under the hood. One of those is the engine's cooling fan, which now likely has to wo...
Cooling Fan (mechanical)
Last week, we talked about electric cooling fans. Today, we're going to look at mechanical cooling fans. Most have a clutch to engage and disengage th...
Auto AC system
This is the time of year when drivers begin to notice that their air conditioning system (A/C or HVAC) isn't working. As the weather warms up, A/C sys...
Torque Converter
The torque converter is single-handedly responsible for making the modern automatic transmission an affordable reality for automobile buyers. Chances...
Fuel level sending unit schematic
Fuel injected systems in a modern combustion engine use fuel injectors to control the relativel richness or leanness of the fuel mix. The amount of fu...
Fuel Injectors
Electronic fuel injection has been the basic standard for most automotive engines since the mid-1980s and is a source of confusion for many do-it-your...
Auto AC system
As summertime approaches, it's important to make sure your car's air conditioning (A/C) system is up to snuff. It's better to check it now, before hot...