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If you've ever pulled the timing belt cover off the front of your engine, you've likely noticed that there are several timing marks on the crankshaft...
Chevrolet S10 pickup second-generation
Earlier this month in our forum, user Lonelyboy was back, this time with a P1351 error code on a Chevrolet Blazer. This is a relatively common code on...
Timing belt vs chain
Recently in the forums, user akresch1 asked about the timing belt interval on a car he's considering buying. The car, a 1993 Cadillac Allante, doesn't...
Stripped Bolt Head
Stripped bolt heads are the bane of every mechanic. They seem to always happen at the most inopportune time and on a bolt that is, of course, the toug...
Windshield Wiper System
Recently in our forums, user reboz had a problem with windshield wipers stopping mid-wipe on his Oldsmobile Aurora and not always restarting. When wip...
Spark plug
Those of us who maintain our own vehicles or who want them to run top-notch at all times will do regular "tune ups" to keep things going strong. The t...
Breakdown girl on phone
There are few things worse than leaving work or getting ready to leave in the morning, sitting in your car and turning the key to.. nothing. That drea...
In this last of our "Clutch Issues 101" series, we're going to talk about a clutch pedal that has become difficult to press, that is stuck (will not r...
Previously, we talked about clutch slippage. Another common problem with clutches is clatter and noise. This can happen when the pedal is pressed, rel...
A common clutch problem is slipping at the wrong time. A clutch is supposed to slip when being engaged and during gear changes, the former in order to...