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Previously, we talked about clutch slippage. Another common problem with clutches is clatter and noise. This can happen when the pedal is pressed, rel...
A common clutch problem is slipping at the wrong time. A clutch is supposed to slip when being engaged and during gear changes, the former in order to...
Serpentine Belt Configuration
Replacing a power steering belt, or any accessory belt, can be an easy job. Sometimes, it's one of the toughest maintenance tasks a DIY mechanic may h...
Clutch master cylinder
After talking about replacing a clutch master cylinder last week, we mentioned the need to bleed the new master cylinder once installed. This also coi...
Fuel level sending unit schematic
As a vehicle gets older, or in cases where bad gas or water has been added to the fuel tank, the fuel gauge may begin to act erratically or stop worki...
Clutch master cylinder
Every vehicle is somewhat different, but on most, the general requirements to replace a clutch master cylinder are the same. Just note that a few deta...
ABS light
An ABS light on your dashboard can be something simple or something deadly serious. Until you know for sure otherwise, always assume it's deadly serio...
Mechanic (stock clipart)
Our forums often have questions about problems that are answered by a mechanic citing a "TSB" for the likely problem. A TSB is a "technical service bu...
Roadside assistance plans are now so common that many new cars sell with a spare tire as an option rather than a given. Many people who live in urban...
EGR valve
This is one of the most common codes thrown on cars made in the 1990s and early 2000s. The code is the exhaust gas recirculation flow warning and is c...