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Auto Expert - Tim West Bio

My technical background started when I was very young. When I was 12 my parents got me my first computer. By the age of 14 I had learned HTML and some Visual basic. I was building my own systems and pretty much became the neighborhood computer repairman.

This opened the door for a world of hobbies.

At 15 I started off working as a tire tech at Discount Tire Co. By the time I turned 17 I was the service coordinator. Wheels and Tires was just a small step in the automotive door.

I will only drive...

American Cars
43% (1146 votes)
Japanese Cars
16% (427 votes)
European Cars
9% (241 votes)
My Bicycle
1% (40 votes)
Any car that starts and has 4 wheels
31% (841 votes)
Total votes: 2695

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Welcome to our auto repair question and answer section. If you need some auto advice from our auto experts or want to help someone in the community please ask a question below or browse around and offer your knowledge. Tim West and Sam Clem Jr. are the official 10w40.com auto experts.

Tim West

tim west

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How Good Are Your Auto Repair Skills

Novice: I can open the hood
10% (62 votes)
Beginner: I can change the fluids
16% (96 votes)
Competent: I changed the brakes
46% (278 votes)
Proficient: I overhauled the transmission
16% (95 votes)
Expert: I built my own car
12% (73 votes)
Total votes: 604

Answers to your auto repair questions - Auto Repair Q&A and Online Car Manuals

Online Auto Repair Manuals

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Many hard bound, paper auto repair manuals can cost as much as $75 each. The good news is that auto repair has moved online making it quick and easy to use. Read More...

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Have an auto repair question? Visit our Auto Repair Question and Answer section. Ask about engine repair, auto body work, engine maintenance, fuels and lubricants, driving techniques and anything else you need to know. Our auto experts will do their best to help you out, and so will the 10w40 community. Click on the button below to ask a question:

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Online Used Car Classifieds

Search over 2 million used cars on 10w40.com. Our used car classifieds section is powered by lemonfree.com. Lemonfree.com is much different from your "run of the mill" automobile portal. The portal contains reviews, good and bad, of dealers as well as reviews, good and bad, of the vehicle you are looking at. Start Your Search Now...

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Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap Auto Insurance is in the business of educating insurance shoppers on the best way to save money on their auto insurance policies. With a comprehensive library on the various discount options you are sure to discover tips you could use to start saving money today.

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There are a lot of good online auto repair web sites with individual articles that can answer your questions.

We're collecting all the individual resources in one place and sorting them by type of problem or project. You can find all the free auto repair advice you need by checking 10w40's huge database of auto repair topics and parts suppliers from across the web.

So what kind of online auto repair help will you find at the 10W40 web site? We have collected resources on all sorts of auto repair and car maintenance topics, such as how to change transmission oil, the best way to bleed brakes, why a car might stall or be hard to start, or even how to drive a stick shift car. We're also looking for experts who like to show off their car care knowledge to answer questions in the Q and A area.

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