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How do disc brakes work?

Disc brakes slows or stops the rotation of a vehicle’s wheels, and sometimes disc brake repair may be needed. When the vehicle is stopped, friction generated by the brake pads and the disc converts kinetic energy to heat. The friction forces the wheels to stop.

When is Disc Brake Repair Needed?

If discs are damaged with warping, scarring, cracking, or excessive rusting, disc brake repair may be needed. If the problem doesn’t prevent a safety issue, and if the problem isn’t severe, they may be able to be repaired. Sometimes brake disc skimming can be performed, which cleans off minor damage, but may cost as much as new discs. Also, other problems like uneven disc wear, worn out and squeaky brake pads, or sticking calipers need to be considered.

What are Options for Disc Brake Repair?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local repair shop, or a skilled owner may be able to do the disc brake repair. There are automotive websites that advertise disc brake repair services, while others sell disc brakes and parts online. Online car repair manuals can be purchased on this site.

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