LemonFree.com - Automobile Search Engine

What is Lemonfree.com? Why is Lemonfree.com the "new way" to shop and research autos online?

Well, for starters, Lemonfree.com is much different from your "run of the mill" automobile portal. We are the World's 1st AUTOMOBILE SEARCH ENGINE, designed around how a search engine works, and founded by 3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists.

Even more exciting than that, we do not charge dealers or private sellers to list any vehicle on our site - it's 100% FREE!

This allows for TOTAL transparency on ALL transactions on Lemonfree.com. We are 100% unbiased like Google and FREE to the public. This combination forces vehicle sellers and dealers alike to be "careful" how they operate on Lemonfree.com

In a nut shell - we strive to make your auto shopping experience as "Lemon Free" as possible.

Here's just one way we do that:

Lemonfree.com encourages;

Reviews, good and bad, of dealers.
Reviews, good and bad, of the vehicle you are looking at.

Lemonfree.com has an impressive 2 MILLION cars for sale on our site. We are always looking for more cars, but not at the expense of having bad cars or bad dealers on the site. Some dealers even choose not to have their cars listed on Lemonfree.com even though it is free. Transparency is not for everyone.

One thing is clear for sure - auto buyers have given Lemonfree.com the "thumbs up" as the "new way" of looking for autos online. The proof is in the numbers. In the past 6 months, Lemonfree.com has doubled its traffic. Our listings are viewed a total of 4.5 million times monthly.

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Winnipeg, MB
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