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brake rotor

Resurfacing may be needed for brake rotors, which are a vital part of a vehicle’s disc braking system.

Brake rotors are attached the wheels and spin as the wheel turns. A caliper clamps the down on the spinning rotor when the brakes are applied, and the vehicle slows down.


When do I Need to Resurface Rotors?

Over time the surface of the rotors wears from the friction created by the brake pads and resurfacing is needed. There may be severe scoring, thickness variations, or excessive corrosion. The rotors will need to be replaced if they’ve worn down to a minimum acceptable thickness, but they can be resurfaced if they don’t exceed the minimum standards after being resurfaced.

What are my Options for Resurfacing?

To resurfacing rotors requires some pretty heavy equipment, the vehicle will probably need to be taken to an automotive repair shop that works on brakes. Make sure to consider replacing the rotors because it is usually more cost effective. If the rotors are fairly new, to resurfacing might be an option. But if they are old, grinding them down will probably just mean that you will have to replace them soon.

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