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Rust Prevention and Repair

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When rust starts to attack the metal in our vehicles, it threatens to destroy the entire body. Virtually anywhere you live, your vehicle is at risk of a rust attack. Humidity, heat, saltwater, salt applied to the roads, and rainwater are all contributors.

Rust begins very easily and is a very devious enemy, hiding under paints and coatings, having begun its damage and taking its toll long before it rears its ugly head and makes its presence known. It just takes the smallest of chips or nicks in your paint to begin this unsightly process that will weaken the structural integrity of the metal.

Rust Prevention Techniques

There are several prevention techniques that will protect your vehicle

Wash the underside of the vehicle
This is important during the winter when salt is applied to the roads
Wax the body of the vehicle
This should be done at least twice a year
Wash the vehicle with appropriate products
Always use soaps, brushes, and methods that will not strip the protective wax off. You may think you're saving money by using dishwashing detergent but you are actually ruining your paint.
Maintain proper coolant-to-water ratio
Your owner's manual will tell you the ratio of coolant-to-water that your car requires (it's usually 1:1). Maintaining this ratio reduces the chance of corrosion in the cooling system.
If you use a car cover…
Use one that breathes preventing ground moisture from being trapped under the vehicle.

How To Repair Rust Spots

Large rust spots often require the replacement of an entire body panel, but with a few basic tools and materials you can easily do most corrosion control yourself.

  • Scrape off any loose or flaky corrosion or old paint
  • Scuff the surface of any remaining old paint
  • Apply an anti rust coating
  • If necessary use a body filler to smooth out any pockets
  • Wet sand if necessary to achieve desired surface smoothness
  • Topcoat with automotive paint of your choice
  • Wax the entire vehicle