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How does the transmission work?

A transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels. Both manual and automatic transmissions do the same thing, but an automatic uses a torque converter and a manual works in conjunction with a clutch. An automatic transmission delivers power to the wheels at a certain RPM range.

What happens when the transmission is slow?

An automatic transmission can be a very expensive component to repair or replace. A slow transmission can be caused by using the wrong type of transmission fluid, or by having a low level of fluid. Abnormal noises, leaks under the vehicle, or difficulty in changing gears can mean the transmission only needs a minor adjustment, or it can need extensive repairs.

What are my options?

Unless the repair is minor, the vehicle will need to be taken to a transmission repair shop, or auto repair shop. Automotive websites advertise specialty transmission services and sell parts. Other sites offer free troubleshooting guides and DIY instructions. Online vendors also sell service manuals or how-to books.

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