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What a transmission does

A vehicle’s transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. A manual transmission also utilizes a clutch, and both manual and automatic transmissions allow the driver to select any forward gear, as well as a reverse gear.

Why won’t the transmission go into reverse?

If the transmission is hesitant to go into reverse, hopefully the problem is something as simple as the transmission fluid being too low and/or the transmission pressure being low. Not being able to reverse at all may indicate a need for minor adjustments or more serious internal transmission problems, which can be very expensive to repair and/or replace components.

What are my options?

Unless it’s a matter of adding transmission fluid or making a minor adjustment, the vehicle will probably need to be taken to a transmission or auto repair shop for diagnostic testing and repair. Many automotive websites advertise auto repair services, specialty transmission services and sell parts. Other vendors sell service manuals or how-to books.

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