Dead Car

What?s wrong with my car when it is completely dead?

If the vehicle is completely dead, the ignition switch doesn?t engage the starter by connecting the battery to the electric starter motor, and the engine won?t run. Narrowing down whether it is a starting, charging issue, or an ignition problem save time in the long run.

How should I do if my car is dead?

A dead car battery is the most common reason that a car won?t start. That makes it easy to jump to the conclusion that it is the battery. If there?s no cranking sound when the ignition is turned, there?s probably something wrong with the battery or the starter. Aside from the battery, it could also be an alternator, a faulty ignition switch, a bad starter solenoid, or a bad voltage regulator.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be towed to a local dealer or repair shop, or an owner may be able to diagnose and/or repair some problems. There are automotive websites that advertise repair services, tow services, and sell parts. Other vendors offer DIY instructions or sell service manuals to help diagnose the problem.


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