Engine Valve Repair

What is an engine valve?

An engine?s intake valves allow a mixture of air and fuel into the cylinders. Valves are opened and closed by camshaft lobes. Lobes push against a valve lifter moving it up and down, which pushes the valve open. Once the lobe rotates away from the lifter, the valve is closed by an attached spring.

Why is my car backfiring?

If a vehicle backfires or makes a popping sound, it could be a sign of a bad valve train. If the engine turns over but won?t start, there could be a problem with compression. If the valves are not properly seated, it could cause a leak during compression. Also, if the valves don?t open or close at the right time, air and exhaust doesn?t enter and exit properly, and the engine can?t run, or will run poorly.

What are my options?

Unless the owner has the necessary skills and equipment to repair it, the vehicle will probably need to be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, although some vendors also offer mobile services. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise auto repair services. Other sites sell how-to manuals or offer free DIY instructions.


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