Brake Pedal Sticks

How does a brake pedal work?

A braking system is a critical component of a vehicle, and the braking pedal assembly needs to be in good working order. Designed to control the speed of a vehicle by slowing down the momentum through friction, pushing down on the brake pedal is the control component that allows the driver to stop the vehicle.

What happens when the brake pedal sticks or grabs?

Causes vary and could be a loose or damaged caliper mounting bracket, damaged brake hose that has a deteriorated lining and doesn?t let the brake fluid return to the master cylinder. In the worse case scenario, there could also be a problem with the master cylinder, and the brake pedal assembly might needs to be replaced.

What are my options?

Unless a driver has the necessary skill level and necessary, the vehicle should be taken to a dealer or auto repair shop knowledgeable in the repair of the brake assembly. There are numerous automotive websites online that advertise their services and others that sell brake parts. Other sites offer troubleshooting advice, and DIY instructions for specific makes and models.


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