Fuel Pump Problems

What is a fuel pump?

Like the human heart, a vehicle needs a fuel pump to survive. Usually located inside the fuel tank, a fuel pump delivers fuel to a carburetor or a fuel injector system.

What can happen to a fuel pump?

A fuel pump may not work correctly if dirt or rust particles get in the fuel line and/or if there?s a plugged fuel filter. Also, if a vehicle won?t start, and it?s not the battery, there?s a good chance that it?s the fuel pump, especially if the vehicle odometer is hovering in the 100,000 mile range. In some pumps immersion in gasoline is necessary for cooling, so keeping a gas tank on near empty too often may possibly shorten it?s life span.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local auto repair shop, or an owner may be able to diagnose and repair some problems. There are automotive websites that advertise auto repair services and parts. Others offer free DIY instructions online, and service manuals or how-to books can be purchased online.



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