CV Joint Repair

What is a Constant Velocity (CV) joint?

CV joints are part of the CV shaft assembly, which supplies power to the wheels, controls rotational speeds in turns, and operates while the suspension is moving up and down. A CV joint, as well as a CV joint boot, or protective covering, connects the axle to the wheel.

How can I tell something is wrong with a CV joint?

A clicking or popping noise when turning is an indication of a CV joint problem. CV joint boots can eventually crack or leak, which can cause brake fluid to leak out and potentially cause serious damage to the CV joints.

What are my options?

The vehicle can be taken to a repair shop, or the owner can perform the repairs. Since major components may need to be removed, and special tools may be needed, a DIY repair may not be feasible for most owners. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise repair services, parts and repair kits, and/or offer repair manuals or how-to books.


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