EGR Valve Replacement

How does an EGR valve work?

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve allows a small amount of exhaust gas to be recirculated and mixed with the fuel/air mixture just prior to the combustion process. This produces a more complete burning of the combustion mixture, which reduces the emissions of pollutants. If the EGR system is properly maintained, there is a nominal loss in engine performance.

What happens if the EGR valve isn?t working properly?

Too much EGR flow can result in poor fuel economy, increased emissions, and a rough running engine, and too little flow can even cause engine damage from overheating. The diaphragm to a EGR valve can stop working properly, or carbon buildup may cause a valve to not seat properly, and the valve will need to be replaced.

What are my options?

Dependent on the make and model of the vehicle, and the complexity of the job, the owner can replace the valve, or the vehicle will need to be taken to a local dealer or repair shop. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise replacement parts and services. Other sites offer free DIY instructions on specific makes and models, and service manuals can also be purchased.


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