Headliner Replacement

What is a headliner?

A vehicle headliner is attached to a headliner board. To replace a headliner, the headliner board has to be removed from the vehicle after all the trim around the board has been removed.

What can happen to a headliner?

Hopefully not many owners have experienced it, but the headliner of a vehicle can get damaged. If the cloth part of the roof caves in, the headliner needs to be replaced, whether it was damaged by carelessness or a car accident. In some cases the headliner will need to be replaced, and in other cases it can be repaired with a headliner repair kit.

What are my options?

In the case of full replacement, the vehicle can be taken to a dealer or auto upholstery shop, or an owner can replace it. There are automotive websites that sell replacement kits and supplies, and some vendors explain how to replace headliners on specific vehicle makes and models. Some service manuals or other how-to books can also be purchased online.


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