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Dings, nicks, and scratches

From light bumper scuffs and small dings from the parking lot, to purposeful vandalism, all cars and trucks get dinged now and again; it's just a matter of time. At best, scratches and nicks are annoying. At worst, if not taken care of, minor damage can lead to rust and more serious damage.

Can I paint over rust?

Rust attacks quickly and causes a lot of damage if not treated quickly. Paint is part of the solution but you can't just paint over rust and hope it goes away; it will continue to spread under the paint unless properly repaired before touching up.

What needs to be done?

If a scratch is minor, it may only need a car scratch remover, or can be buffed out with a wax. In other minor cases, a paint pen will do the trick. If the damage is more severe, a larger amount of paint will be needed, as well as additional items like sandpaper, primers, and other body repair supplies and/or equipment.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local dealer or auto body shop, or the owner can purchase touch-up paints, kits, and supplies. There are numerous automotive websites that explain how to prepare the vehicle and perform touch up painting, while others sell paints and kits, and some sites provide free preparation instructions online.

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