Thermostat Replacement

What about the thermostat?

A thermostat prevents coolant getting to the radiator until the engine warms up. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature, the thermostat heats up and the thermostat valve opens. The thermostat helps reduce engine wear and tear and excess emissions.

When do I need to replace a thermostat?

If the engine is running hotter than usual, or if the vehicle?s temperature gauge is hanging out on the low side, and the heater isn?t doing its job, it?s probably time to replace the thermostat, gasket and gasket sealant. If a visual inspection shows an open thermostat valve, the thermostat probably needs to be replaced.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local auto upholstery shop, or the owner can parts and perform the replacement. There are numerous automotive websites that sell parts and supplies, while others sell services, including mobile services. There are also free online DIY instructions, and service manuals can also be purchased.


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