Blower Motor Repair

What is a blower motor?

A blower motor forces air through a heater radiator behind the dashboard for heat, or blows air through an air conditioning evaporator for cold air. It boosts the operation of an electric fan motor, which allows temperature operation at different speeds.

How can I tell if the blower motor isn?t working properly?

The heater may work only at higher speeds or may not work at all. If working correctly, it should work in all modes and should not vibrate or make other unusual noises. Fluid leaks from heaters or evaporators can create problems, as can foreign materials. Leaks need to be taken care of before installing a new blower motor.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, or the owner can repair it. There are numerous automotive and other websites that explain how to repair or replace a motor blower and several sites offer parts for sale. You can also purchase a repair manual or how-to book from a vendor online. One such service manual available online explains how to repair the part, or provides a shop repair hour estimate.


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