Brake Light Replacement

What about brake lights?

Brake lights, also called stop lamps, are red steady-burning rear lights and are brighter than taillights. They are required to be located to the rear of a vehicle and are activated when the brakes are applied.

How do I know if a brake light is going bad?

If you suspect a brake light is bad, have someone look at your vehicle to see if the light comes on when you tap the brakes ? preferably not your local police officer. The problem could be a short or bad connection in the wiring or the bulb itself could be bad. If a brake light won?t go off, a brake light switch on the brake pedal could also be out of adjustment or just plain faulty.

What are my options?

Vehicles can be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, but if a brake light needs to be replaced, the owner can often easily do it. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise their repair services, and many others sell brake lights, including new and rebuilt parts and assembly systems. Some sites also explain how to remove and replace the parts for specific makes and models.


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