Catalytic Converter Repair

What is a catalytic Converter?

Originally utilized to reduce toxicity of emissions from internal combustion engines, catalytic converters are most commonly used in vehicle exhaust systems.

How can I tell if the catalytic converter isn?t working properly?

Although a clogged or plugged catalytic converter is rare, this may be the case if pushing the gas pedal doesn?t make the vehicle go any faster, if there is a noticeable drop in gas mileage, or if the engine quits altogether after a few minutes of operation. More common causes of failure include bad exhaust valves on the engine, fouled plugs, or even using leaded gasoline and/or the over-use of fuel additives.

What are my options?

The catalytic converter may need to be taken off to determine if it is plugged. The vehicle can either be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, or a skilled owner may be able to repair a catalytic converter. There are automotive websites that advertise testing and repair services, including mobile repair services. Other vendors sell repair manuals and parts online for specific makes and models.


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