Air Conditioning Problems

How does a vehicle air conditioner work?

A vehicle air conditioning system provides cooling, heating, defrosting, demisting, air filtering and humidity control. Primary parts of the system consist of a compressor, evaporator, and a condenser. Compressed air is sent to the condenser, and the evaporator provides heat absorption.

What can happen to my vehicle's air conditioner?

If the vents are blowing out hot air or if the compressor is making a strange noise, there may be a bad shader valve or other component failure. This could mean a ruptured hose and a resultant oil or coolant leak. Also, if the vehicle is older, it may contain chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs) and will need to be retrofitted.

What are my options?

The complexity of a computerized automatic temperature control may make DIY repairs difficult. If DIY isn?t an option, the vehicle can be taken to a dealer or an auto repair shop. There are numerous automotives websites that offer repair services, and others who explain how to repair and/or retrofit a vehicle?s air conditioning system, dependent on the make and model.

Aftermarket parts
AC clutches
AC compressors
AC condensers
AC evaporators


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