Exhaust Problems

How is exhausted created?

Primary parts of an exhaust system include the exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, and a muffler, which lessens the noise that would otherwise come out of the tailpipe. A catalytic converter is an emissions control system that restricts the release of harmful emissions into the environment, and it is also part of the exhaust system.

What causes exhaust problems?

If there?s a loud noise coming from the muffler, the muffler or pipes may be worn or corroded and will need to be replaced. A hissing or popping noise may mean there?s an exhaust manifold leak, which can be dangerous. The catalytic converter can also create exhaust problems, since it can become clogged or fouled and get overheated or fail due to bad exhaust valves. Additives that cause the mixture or temperature to change can also create problems.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local auto repair shop, or an owner may be able to diagnose and repair some problems. There are automotive websites that advertise auto repair services and parts. Others offer free DIY instructions online, and service manuals or how-to books can also be purchased online as well.


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