Transmission Problems

How does a transmission work?

A transmission system gets power from the engine to the wheels. A manual transmission is connected to the engine through a clutch, and a five-speed transmission, for example, applies one of the gear ratios to an input shaft to produce a different rpm value at the output shaft. In an automatic transmission system, there is no clutch pedal or gear shift, and a planetary gearset is utilized to accomplish the different gear ratios.

All those noises can?t be good!

An automatic transmission won?t work properly if parts like o-rings get worn. A stuck piston in the valve body, or making a small mistake during repairs can create other problems. Leaking transmission or hydraulic fluids can cause serious problems. When changing gears with a manual transmission, be aware of loud noises like grinding, whining, or humming noises, and if the engine rpm increases but the speed stays the same, the clutch may need to be replaced.

What are my options?

The vehicle needs to be taken to a local dealer, transmission repair shop, or auto repair shop, unless the repair is minor. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise specialty transmission services and sell parts. Other sites offer diagnostic guides and DIY instructions, or sell service manuals and how-to books.


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