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What is that car noise? There can be many issues and problems that can by fixed by first identifying the source. Here will list some common car noise problems and solutions.

Engine Hisses

Possible leak in vacuum hose or air hose.
Refer to specific online car manual or see a mechanic.

Engine Backfires

Ignition timing is incorrect. Valves could be leaking
Have the ignition looked at or have the valves replaced.

Engine Clatters

Car could be low on oil.
Add more oil. If condition continues go see a mechanic.

High Pitch Screech when Steering

The power steering belt is most likely slipping.
Adjust the belt.

Engine Knocks When Accelerating

Camshaft is worn down.
Refer to specific online car manual for Camshaft Repair or refer to a mechanic.

Engine Knocks When Accelerating

Brake pads are work down.
Brake repair is necessary. Could need to only replace the brake pads. If condition is bad you might need to replace the discs as well.



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