Car Won't Start

What should happen when you start a car?

When a vehicle is working correctly, the ignition switch engages the starter by connecting the battery to the electric starter motor. The engine starts running, and you?re ready to drive away.

How should I do if my car won?t start?

If a car won?t start, try not to panic. It?s best to stay calm and try to narrow down the possibilities of why it isn?t working. If there?s a click, but the engine won?t start, it may be a dead battery. If the interior lights are strong, and it doesn?t appear to be the battery, it could be a faulty ignition switch. Special tools are necessary to test for some problems like proper compression, and a repair manual or how-to instructions may be needed for some diagnostic procedures.

What are my options?

The vehicle can either be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, or an owner may be able to diagnose and/or repair some problems. There are automotive websites that advertise repair services and sell parts. Other vendors offer DIY instructions or sell service manuals.


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